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Traditional Japanese Sweets

[Senbei] Kyo no Kaede

NZ$ 40

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Traditional Japanese Sweets

[Senbei] Kyo no Kaede

NZ$ 40

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Two pieces of our three signature crackers, Leek & Miso, Amakara, Salad Rice Crackers, the popular flavor of large-size rice crackers, Shichimi, and bite-size rice crackers of Black Sesame, Plum & Coarse Sugar, and Black Pepper Rice Crackers. Popular gift pack.

 [Leek & Miso Rice Crackers (2 pieces)] Our signature rice crackers flavored with our special miso sauce of domestically grown leeks and red Saikyo miso pate. Savor the profound flavor of Saikyo miso paste that fills your mouth, and the refreshing aroma of green leek.

 [Amakara Rice Crackers (2 pieces)] Our longtime seller with the simplest flavor. Enjoy the flavor of the domestically grown non-glutinous rice. 

[Salad Rice Crackers (2 pieces)] You just cannot stop munching on this simple yet profound taste - our standard rice cracker! 

[Shichimi Rice Crackers (2 pieces)] Leek & Miso Rice Crackers with shichimi pepper. A masterpiece that spicy food lovers just cannot miss. 

[Black Sesame Rice Crackers (1 bag)] We blended roasted black sesame seeds into the dough made from domestically-grown non-glutinous rice, then flavored it with soy sauce and kelp broth. The masterpiece you will be addicted to for its toasty aroma.

 [Plum & Coarse Sugar Rice Crackers (1 bag)] Rice crackers in the shape of a heart, flavored with pickled plum from Kishu, coarse sugar and soy sauce. This is one of our signature rice crackers, loved for elegantly sweet and subtly sour taste. 

[Black Pepper Rice Crackers (1 bag)] Rice crackers topped with black pepper. Spicy flavor and the super crunchy texture are just captivating. Also a great companion for alcoholic drinks.

■Ingredients: non-glutinous rice (from Japan), soy sauce, miso, spring onion, plum flesh, red shiso, black pepper, black sesame, shichimi, chili pepper (chenpi, red chili pepper, white sesame, Japanese pepper, sea lettuce), modified starch, chili pepper extract, sugar, edible rice oil, konbu seasoning liquid, salt, flavoring ingredients (bonito extract, processed bonito, katsuobushi, seaweed extract), yeast extract, seasonings (such as amino acids), alcohol, lactose, acidulant, purple corn pigment, coloring (caramel), silicone, dextrin, (contains soybean, wheat, milk, shrimp, crab)
■Contents: 8, 3 bags
■Made in Japan
■Serving Instructions: Open and consume as-is.
■Please note:
*Consume as soon as possible after opening.
*Shichimi senbei included in the set: The senbei is coated with shichimi chili pepper. Those who don't like spicy food and children should avoid it.
■Storage Instructions: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity.
■Manufacturer: Kyo-Karoku Senbei Honpo
Package design and stated contents may change due to item revision.

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Item No. V00800999028

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