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Cooked food

HARRY CRANES Smoked Snacks Variety Pack (Salted Nuts/Eelpouts/Glass Shrimp)

NZ$ 46

In Stock V05941999028

Cooked food

HARRY CRANES Smoked Snacks Variety Pack (Salted Nuts/Eelpouts/Glass Shrimp)

NZ$ 46

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Flavorful, smoked snacks from HARRY CRANES.

HARRY CRANES is a popular whiskey brand of Saburomaru Distillery in Toyama, 
the only distillery in the Hokuriku area established in 1952.

Made with Hokuriku area's local produce, these high-quality snacks
go well with whiskey and they're sure to please whiskey lovers!

【Smoked Nuts with Notoshio (Noto Sea Salt)】
Five different types of nuts are smoked with cherry blossom wood tips and seasoned with Noto's sea salt.

【Smoked Eelpouts】
You will enjoy eelpouts' crispy texture and smoky flavor of cherry blossom wood tips in every bite.

【Whiskey and Basil Smoked Glass Shrimp】
Often touted as "Toyama Bay's Jewel", the white glass shrimps are marinated in
whiskey and smoked as a whole.

Enjoy the variety of delicious smoked snacks!

■Set Includes:
【Smoked Nuts with Notoshio (Noto Sea Salt)】70g x 1
【Smoked Eelpouts】15g x 1
【Whisky and Basil Smoked Glass Shrimp】10g x 1
*Comes packaged in a box.
【Smoked Nuts with Notoshio (Noto Sea Salt)】Peanut, Cashew, Almond, Corn, Vegetable Oil (Includes Soybeans),
Starch, Salt (Noto Sea Salt 50%), Flour, Sugar, Glutinous Rice Flour (Rice Flour, Starch), 
Spice Seasonings (Includes Milk Ingredients), Pepper, Monosodium Glutamate, Spice Extract, Flavorings 
【Smoked Eelpouts】Eelpouts (Sourced in Ishikawa), Salt
【Whisky and Basil Smoked Glass Shrimp】White Glass Shrimp (Sourced in Toyama), Salt, Sugar, Whiskey, 
Garlic (Made in Japan), Basil, Bay Leaf, Dill, White Pepper
■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 276g
■Made in Toyama, Japan
・Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature/humidity and store at room temperature.
・Consume as soon as possible once opened.
■Manufacturer:Global Refreshment Network Inc.

Item No. V05941999028

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