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Hand-Stretching Noodles IBONOITO High Quality 6 Bundles 300g

NZ$ 7

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Takada Shoten


Hand-Stretching Noodles IBONOITO High Quality 6 Bundles 300g

NZ$ 7

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"IBONOITO" is traditional somen which is inherited around the area of Tatsuno city, Hyogo prefecture. The high-quality somen made by the technique of the selected artisan is in particular about the texture which is smooth and easy to chew but still has stiffness. Carefully selected wheat flour and salt are used for the ingredients, and carefully repeating the process of ripening and stretching by hand brings out its exclusive quality. Boil quickly in plenty of hot water, and enjoy with any flavor you prefer.

Contained 300g (50g x 6 bundles)


Ingredients: wheat flour, salt, edible vegetable oil

 Contents : 300g

Weight (incl. packaging)(g): 305 g

 Country of Origin: Japan

 How to serve:

1) Boil 100g of noodles for 1 L of hot water in a big pot. Untie the bundle in advance, and put the noodles separately in boiling water.

2) Boil for about 1.5 ~2 minutes. Stir a few times with chopsticks. When the noodles are boiled, adjust the heat to prevent overflow.

3) Wash well by hands. Drain the water in a strainer and rinse well the noodles with running water.

【Here are the recipes.(Japanese and English Only)→ http://www.ibonoito.or.jp/english/recipes/index.html 】

 Precaution: Be careful not to burn yourself with boiling water, the hot heat, and the hot pot.

 How to store:

Avoid high temperature, high humidity, strong sense, and direct sunlight.

Store at a place with good air ventilation

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Item No. V04368999028
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