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  9. Kyo-Sansho 10g

Seasoning, Spices

Kyo-Sansho 10g

NZ$ 6

4955025001043 In Stock V03334999028

Seasoning, Spices

Kyo-Sansho 10g

NZ$ 6

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“Kyo-Sansho” is an original spice by Mimikou, a udon restaurant in Gion, Kyoto. Using domestic sansho peppers, this powdered spice is full of rich fragrance. Add it into soup or pour it over don-dishes. Enjoy the fragrance and spicy taste unique to sansho peppers. 

■Ingredients: Japanese sansho pepper

■Content: 10g

■How to serve: Pour it over your favorite dish

■Storing: Store in room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight, extreme heat and humidity, and places with strong scents 

■Manufacturer: Temote Co.

Item No. V03334999028
Jan: 4955025001043

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