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  9. Balloon Ear-rings Black


Balloon Ear-rings Black

NZ$ 79

In Stock V03761999028
Iida paperworks


Balloon Ear-rings Black

NZ$ 79

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Balloon Ear-rings (black) made out of Mino wash paper. The origami on the earrings were each carefully hand-folded, and then coated with UV resin to strengthen. It is the thin mino washi paper that allows the creases to be so sharp and beautiful. Enjoy the soft color and delicate texture unique to washi paper. Comes in a cute wooden box; perfect to give as a gift. 

The full hand-done process of making Mino Washi is certified as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. The paper used in this product is made purely of kozo plant, and is carefully processed using traditional tools and methods. 

■ Size details: Ear rings 15x48mm; Box 79×79×30mm

■ Weight: 1g

■ Weight (including packaging): 35g

■ Materials: mino washi (kozo), resin, metal fittings (hook: titanium, chain: brushed copper, other parts: brass)

■ Made in Gifu prefecture

■ Brand: Origami Jewel Balloon

■ Precautions:  *The parts are fragile; pulling or squeezing may cause damage. *Those with metal allergies should be cautionary when using. If any abnormalities appear on the skin, stop use immediately and consult a doctor

■ Other: If we are out of stock, the production will start after your order is placed. It may take time for the product to arrive. Please contact us for details and date requests.

Item No. V03761999028

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