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  9. Ichigoichie Tattoo Stickers 5 sheets


Ichigoichie Tattoo Stickers 5 sheets

NZ$ 16

In Stock V01499999028


Ichigoichie Tattoo Stickers 5 sheets

NZ$ 16

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These are tattoo stickers with a meaning of "once in a lifetime encounter. Once in a life time opportunity". The scenery photograph of the four seasons in Japan can be read with the QR cord if the tattoos are correctly pasted.


 Size details (mm): 47 × 76 

 Weight [g]: approx. 1

 Weight (incl. packing) [g]: approx. 12.5

 Materials: Water transfer sticker

 Country of Origin: Japan

 Name of brand: WIPS

 How to use tattoo stickers 

1. Make sure to clean your skin where you want to paste the tattoo.  It may not stick well if the skin surface is dirty.

2. Cut out the design you want to use.  

3. Remove the clear, protective top sheet and face down the tattoo sticker. Be careful with where to paste. Once it is stick, it will be hard to remove.

4. Wet tattoo thoroughly using wet sponge or cloth. The design will not be pasted unless water through out completely on the paper.

5. Peel off the paper backing after 20~30 seconds.

6. Pat dry. Wait till the tattoo is completely dry.



Do not use it for around your eyes, or mucous membrane parts (around mouth, etc.) Do not use on the sensitive parts of skin.

Do not use where you have scratches, or rashes, and if you have any allergy.

Be careful with having sun tan after using the tattoo stickers. The shape of the tattoo may be tanned.

If any abnormal symptoms occur, such as pain, itching, etc., after use, stop using and see a doctor.

How to remove the tattoo stickers

Use baby oil on cosmetic cotton and remove gradually

Removable with a adhesive tape to be transferred on the stickers

Item No. V01499999028

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