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  9. [hatsutoki] Twill Pullover Blouse Navy

Outerwear, Tops

[hatsutoki] Twill Pullover Blouse Navy

NZ$ 345

In Stock V04876999028

Outerwear, Tops

[hatsutoki] Twill Pullover Blouse Navy

NZ$ 345

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This is a one size minimalistic pull-over blouse made of high thread count cotton. 

It has a light and delicate texture which makes it look effortlessly chic.


The drop shoulder and the straight silhouette create a slightly draped hem and

gives an airy wrapped-like feeling. Its comfortable touch gives you the relaxing, elegant feeling.




Is this cotton? That would be the first reaction if you touched the fabric.

Only the cotton yarn with the highest quality can bring about this beautiful, silk-like feel.


Behind it all, is the good old cotton which we have all been familiar with through

our daily lives for centuries. Delicate and yet nostalgic – this fabric gives us 

the inspiration to create “effortless clothes for daily wear” which is the foundation 

of our beauty standard at hatsutoki.


The most important element to create the effortlessness of the fabric is

the fineness of the yarn - 0.09mm - which is thinner than the average human hair.


To weave this extra fine yarn requires craftsmanship, masterful techniques

and ideas every step of the way and it sometimes means choosing

the more time-consuming way even if it slows down the manufacturing speed.


To make the extra fine yarn, it requires the high quality, long staple cotton.

By using the Egyptian cotton, especially the ones with long, sturdy staple,

it makes weaving with this extra fine yarn possible.


The longer the fiber, the more silk-like the fabric gets and

it prevents the thread from creating strands.



■Materials: cotton 100%

■Made in Japan (Banshu woven)

■Place of origin: Hyogo

■Brand: hatsutoki

■Size details:


Length(approx./cm) 79
Sleeve length(approx./cm) 73
Bust(approx./cm) 122
Sleeve width(approx./cm) 40
Cuff width 28

Weight(g)(only product):152

Weight(g)(including packaging):160

The model's height:156cm

Item No. V04876999028

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