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Traditional Japanese Sweets

Japanese Sweets Dolce Yokan "Y CUBE" - Hakkōda

NZ$ 31

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Traditional Japanese Sweets

Japanese Sweets Dolce Yokan "Y CUBE" - Hakkōda

NZ$ 31

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This new type of otherwise old and traditional yokan
will make your tea time fun and joyful!

Made imagining the snowy Hakkōda Mountains, 
this yokan tastes like cheesecake and
the lemon peels and diced almonds add accents to the already unique dessert.

With proteoglycan and the kanten, which has full of fibers in the ingredients, 
Y Cube is made in hopes of making your tea time as fun and healthy as possible!
Proteoglycan has been often featured in cosmetic products or health supplement,
it is rare to be used as an ingredient in sweets, so it's already creating a buzz
in the media. 

Y Cube is designed and manufactured by "TUGBOAT", which owns several 
Onsen (hot springs) facilities and online shop to promote Aomori's local products.

The name tugboat represents their company motto, which is to help 
people lead happier, healthier and better lives, just like a tugboat leads and 
maneuvers vessels and big ships in the ocean.

Y Cube is a cube-shaped ( approx. 3cm x 3cm x 3cm) yokan, 
and one box contains four pieces. It will accentuate your table
just by serving them on a plate lined up. Great for parties or as gifts
to your friends and loved ones.

Also, the packaging design features Aomori's traditional pattern called 
"Kogin Sashi" and was co-created with the students from the University of Miyagi.
During the 3-month design class, a design competition was held and 
eight students presented their ideas. The packaging design was created by the winner, 
Mr. Kohei Arima. His chic yet traditional design makes Y Cube a perfect gift.

Aomori PG (Aomori proteoglycan) is made from the nose cartilages of
salmon. Only the alcohol and food-grade acetic acid are used to extract
proteoglycan. Even though proteoglycan itself has garnered much attention 
since the '70s, extracting proteoglycan from the nose cartilages of salmon had been 
quite difficult and costly - to the tune of 30,000,000 yen per 1 g - which
had also made proteoglycan such rare and valuable ingredient.

However, inspired by the cooking process of Aomori's traditional dish 
called "Hizunamasu", which is sliced and pickled salmon head cartilage,
researchers succeeded in developing a technique to extract proteoglycan
using acetic acid. 

As a result, extracting proteoglycan became much easier and simpler, 
reducing the cost to 1/1,000 of what it used to be.
It also led to the incorporation of proteoglycan into daily items such as 
cosmetic products and food, making proteoglycan a lot more affordable and 

■Ingredients <Hakkōda: Cream Cheese & Lemon Peel>:
Sugar (made in Japan), White Bean Paste (Soy Bean), Mizuame, Natural Cheese (Milk, Cream, Salt),
Almond, Candied Lemon (Lemon Peel, Sugar, Mizuame, Brandy), Kanten,
Proteoglycan Salmon Nose Cartlidge Extract (Dextrin, Salmon Nose Cartlidge Extract), 
Thickening Agent (Locust Bean Gum), Sakekasu, Flavor

■Content: 360g
■Weight (g)(Including Packaging):480g
■Made in Japan
■How to Serve: Take out the yokan from the box, open the package and serve.
■Caution: Consume as soon as possible once opened.
■Storage: Avoid direct sunlight.
■Brand: Aomori Proteoglycan

Item No. 452657999003

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