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Cooked food

Dried Akamoku (Algae) 10 Packs

NZ$ 70

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Cooked food

Dried Akamoku (Algae) 10 Packs

NZ$ 70

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Akamoku is full of minerals, vitamins, fibers and fucoidan.
Fucoidan is a natural polysaccharide that is often found in brown seaweed and
its antioxidant activities and antiobesity property are widely known.

These Akamoku are washed and dried after harvested, which makes it light and allows
room temperature storage.

■Set Includes: Dried Akamoku (Algae) 20g x 10 Packs
■Ingredient: Akamoku (Sargassum horneri)
■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 444g

■Made in Miyagi, Japan

■Manufacturer: Isekonbu.Inc
■How to serve:
1. Soak dried akamoku in water for about an hour.
2. Pour boiling water (higher than 98°C) over the akamoku for about one minute.
3. Transfer to a drainer, pour cold water and let cool.
4. Cut akamoku into small pieces.
5. Transfer to a bowl and whisk for about 20 times to make it sticky, serve.
*Add in miso soup, ohitashi, sunomono, etc.
■Caution: Akamoku is harvested in the area where shrimps and crabs cohabitate.
Avoid consumption if you have a shellfish allergy. 
■Storage: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature/humidity.
■Shelf Life (from the manufactured date):1 year

Item No. V05801999028

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