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Iyemon Fukujuen

Product for international customers

Fukujuen Set: 2 Matcha Puddings + 2 Matcha Warabimochi

NZ$ 31

In Stock V04037999028

Iyemon Fukujuen

Product for international customers

Fukujuen Set: 2 Matcha Puddings + 2 Matcha Warabimochi

NZ$ 31

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Enjoy the luxurious aroma of matcha

*Product for international customers

Assortment of 2 popular Fukujuen confections. Enjoy these luxuriously flavorful matcha treats. Makes the perfect gift. (2 Matcha Puddings, 2 Matcha Warabimochi)

How to enjoy: Sprinkle matcha kinako powder on warabimochi and enjoy.  

Notes: Consume promptly after opening.


Matcha Pudding: sugar, milk product, reduced sugar syrup, vegetable oil, white chocolate, matcha (Kyoto Prefecture), gelatin, egg, gyokuro tea (Kyoto Prefecture), starch, stabilizer (modified starch), gelling agent (thickening polysaccharide), fragrance, emulsifier, gardenia pigment (contains soybeans). Uji Matcha powder: matcha (Kyoto Prefecture), glucose, digestion-resistant dextrin

Warabimochi: sugar, matcha, agar, warabi (bracken) powder, gelling agent (thickening polysaccharide), modified starch, gardenia pigment. Matcha kinako powder: soybeans (not genetically modified), sugar, matcha, salt

Content: Matcha Pudding: 78 g x 2 products, Matcha Warabimochi: 74 g x 2 products
Made in: Japan
Storage: Store away from high heat and humidity and direct sunlight.
Manufacturer: Fukujuen Co., Ltd.

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Iyemon Fukujuen

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Item No. V04037999028

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