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Enkeitatami Half-Size White and Black

NZ$ 267

In Stock V04284999028
Kyushu Bussan


Enkeitatami Half-Size White and Black

NZ$ 267

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This is modern Enkeitatami (traditional Japanese straw mat) used the smooth textured natural rushes which are domestically produced in Yatsushiro, Kumamoto prefecture. The aroma of rushes and distinctive touch of tatami mats ease your body and mind. The new stylish designed tatami goes well with various contemporary housing, and it provides a new style of Japanese space by just laying on the floor. As it is durable, yet light weighted, it is easy to put away. One mat is even useful, but it is enjoyable to match the color and shape with each other as you like.

Type: half size (White and Black)


Materials: rushes, polystyrene board

Place of production: Japan

Name of brand: GOZA.

Manufacturer: Kyushu Bussan Co., Ltd

Color: checkered pattern / white and black

Size details: approx. 700 x 700 x 30 mm

■Weight (g) (item only): 1180 g

■Weight (g) (incl. packing): 1300 g

Handling cautions:

Do not put any hot or wet things directly on it. It may be damaged.

Do not wet it or rub excessively, the color may be transferred.

Do not set it up anywhere that gets direct sunlight. It will speed up for discoloration.

Do not use where it is with excessive humidity. It may be caused mites and mold growth.

As all is made with natural materials, there may be a little differences of measurement.

When dry mopping, do not put excessive pressure on it.

Others: You will get a "carry bag" for FREE if you purchase more than 4 "enkeitatami"!

At every purchase of 4 tatamis, you will get a FREE "carry bag" even if different combination of colors and sizes are selected.

Also, if "boomerang tatami" is included for your purchase, you will get a "boomerang carry bag" instead.

Item No. V04284999028

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