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  9. Origami Crane Keychain Pearl White


Origami Crane Keychain Pearl White

NZ$ 20

In Stock V04832999028
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Origami Crane Keychain Pearl White

NZ$ 20

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This product expresses Origami crane as a symbol of peace and is made of plastic by utilizing the technic for forming and painting which has grown at the automobile components field. It is dimensionally attracutive and has brightness like metals, luxury stylishness. In order to delivery such as these products which have the wish of peace to the world, the manufacturer and creators collaborated and produced the brand "EARTH Hiroshima" in Hiroshima.

Won the 15th Hiroshima Good Design Award, Good design encouragement section.

Color: Pearl White

Materials: Plastic, Metal

■Place of origin: Hiroshima

■Brand: EARTH Hiroshima

■Manufacturer: SO@R Inc.

■Size detail: Full length 60mm, Motif height 25mm, Package H120*W60*D40

■Weight(g)(only product):8

■Weight(g)(including packaging):30


・Watch your children or pets not to swallow by mistake.

・Even if accidents occur by any chance, we can't  take on any responsibilities.

■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V04832999028

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