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  9. Parched Black Bean Dattan Tea 5g x 12pcs


Parched Black Bean Dattan Tea 5g x 12pcs

NZ$ 23

In Stock V01519999028


Parched Black Bean Dattan Tea 5g x 12pcs

NZ$ 23

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A tea blend of Kurodamaru black soybeans (from Fukuoka) and Dattan buckwheat (from Oita). This Kyushu region tea is caffeine-free and rich in anthocyanin, isoflavone and rutin. The brand is authorized by Fukuoka prefecture and has been covered by various media. 

■ Ingredients: black soybean (kurodamaru brand from Fukuoka prefecture), Dattan buckwheat tea (Oita prefecture)

■ Contents: 60g

■ Country of Origin: Japan 

■ How to serve: Pour 200-400cc of hot water on one teabag and brew for 3-5 minutes. Adjust the amount of water and brewing time depending on your taste preference. 

■ Note: Beware of burns when handling hot water. Finish as soon as possible once the bag is opened. 

■ Storing: Avoid heat, humidity, and direct sunlight. 


Item No. V01519999028

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